Thursday, November 29, 2012

C & P—Pressman's Favorite

C & P—Pressman's Favorite

The title of this post is taken from one of the articles in Fred Williams newsletter.  Fred was a printer and Linotype operator who started printing his newsletter in 1974. Many of his first issues were done on his 8"x12" Gordan platen. This required four passes through the press, one for each page of the four page newsletter. Later he printed it on his 12"x18" Little Giant cylinder press made by American Type Founders. His press is presently residing in a warehouse in Hayward, California, the property of a collector and reseller.

A link to all the reprints of Type & Press published by Fred Williams from 1974 to 2000 is found here.

Chandler and Price starting manufacturing presses in 1884. They continued being made into the mid 1960s and about 100,000 were built. Read more about them here. 

The parent site for these is the Amalgamated Printers' Association. The APA was organized in 1958 as a hobby printers group so that members could improve their skills, expand their knowledge, and exchange samples of their letterpress work. Here is the link.

My 8" x 12" Chandler & Price Old Style circa 1901.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Second Proof

Printing a small broadside as a preliminary for a large one I have planned.

This is the second proof. The first proof fixed all the typos, missing letters and several smashed letter from an old 12 point font of Binny Old Style ATF type. As you can see, this still has 8 or 9 bad letters, one work up and an upside down "r". After fixing all this and adding one more point of leading I printed the type with the title. I will post the finished piece in a day or two.

Second proof with damaged letters and upside down "r".

Monday, November 19, 2012

Press Maintenance

*Sticker is a restored version form a photo by Fritz Klinke of NA Graphics.

Oiling the Roller Arm Junction
This Direction sticker was glued to the feed table of a later model Chandler & Price press.* It was a guide for maintenance and care of the press. The copy states, there are about 37 oiling points on the press.

Many pressmen suggest oiling the press every time it is used. This Oil Chart button will open a guide for oiling from an old Chandler & Price manual courtesy of Briar Press. It is for a New Style press which was manufactured beginning in 1914. Most pressmen today recommend a non-detergent 30-40 weight oil. Heavier oil seems to attract dirt and clog the oil holes faster. Proper maintenance is good practice.