Monday, November 19, 2012

Press Maintenance

*Sticker is a restored version form a photo by Fritz Klinke of NA Graphics.

Oiling the Roller Arm Junction
This Direction sticker was glued to the feed table of a later model Chandler & Price press.* It was a guide for maintenance and care of the press. The copy states, there are about 37 oiling points on the press.

Many pressmen suggest oiling the press every time it is used. This Oil Chart button will open a guide for oiling from an old Chandler & Price manual courtesy of Briar Press. It is for a New Style press which was manufactured beginning in 1914. Most pressmen today recommend a non-detergent 30-40 weight oil. Heavier oil seems to attract dirt and clog the oil holes faster. Proper maintenance is good practice.

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