Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Antique Letterforms

During a recent trip to East Tennessee, I visited a Civil War Era Cemetery in Dandridge. I took many photos but especially wanted to post this one. The typeface looks remarkably similar Letter Gothic designed by Herb Lubalin and Antonio DiSpigna in 1974. The birth and death dates on the stone clearly show this type superseded his by 123 years. Compare the stone's type to the digital version. Of course the stone engravers of the East Tennessee had their own style and type as did many engravers from other parts of the country.

Full view of the head stone

Close up of the large letter B.
Compare the R to the digital version.
Dates of 1777 to 1851.
 Of particular interest are the shape of the B and R. The leg of the R has the same curve as Lubalin's and  the B has almost equally balanced loops, top and bottom.
Serif Gothic from Identifont.